Fill Your Basket with the Best Apples at These Local Orchards

Image via Highland Orchards.

With the fall picking season upon us, you can visit several local orchards that offer some of the best apples in the region to fill your basket with while enjoying a nice day out, writes Lisa Dukart for Main Line Today.

Barnard’s Orchard in Kennett Square is a fourth-generation orchard with a history that dates back centuries. It offers more than 30 varieties of delicious apples just waiting to be picked.

There’s also a small store with country goods that features everything from homemade jams to apple cider.

Highland Orchards in West Chester offers apple picking through October. Reservations need to be made online. With no shuttles in use, you can enjoy a nice walk to the field before starting your selection.

If you want some additional produce or other locally sourced products, there’s the nearby Farm Market & Bakery for you to visit.

And to ensure all the patrons are safe as they enjoy this fun fall activity, both locations have made social distancing and wearing a mask a requirement.

Read more about these local orchards in Main Line Today here.

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