Pillar Real Estate Advisors: Is It Time for You to Find a Private Office?


Many businesses have closed their office doors and opted for a more remote workforce, sending many employees to work from their couches, breakfast tables, and bedrooms. What started as a convenience, however, didn’t take long to turn into a detriment.

When you work from home for a length of time, you start to notice your work/life balance has disappeared, your lack of morning commute makes it difficult to get into work mode, and that “one more episode of Game of Thrones” is calling your name at inopportune times. The truth is most people just aren’t set up to work for long periods of time at home.

So, what can be done?

It’s time to dust the pet hair off your briefcase and get back into a routine.

Private office space, near your home, with monthly rates you can afford and shorter-term leases. This is the perfect remedy for a worker tired of trying to babysit while filling out TPS Reports.

Pillar Real Estate Advisors will find what matters to you – parking, shared “Health Safety” conference rooms, high speed WiFi, you name it!

All at no cost to you! (Landlords pay all fees.)

“Many people don’t realize how accessible a private office is,” said Shannon Caldwell of Pillar Real Estate Advisors. “That’s where we come in. We’re here to help find something to fit your needs and your budget.”

It’s time to find your new private office. Contact Pillar Real Estate Advisors at 484-887-8202 or info@pillarrealestateadvisors.com.

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