Incredible Video of Good Samaritans Rescuing Family in West Marlborough Makes National News


A family stranded in floodwaters in West Marlborough Township during Tropical Storm Isaias received lifesaving help from a group of Good Samaritans.

The five men, who sprang into action after seeing a father holding a toddler near a car almost being swept away, did not know each other.

Dan DiGregorio, David McDonald, Tom Garner, and Walter Puddifer were trying to figure out how to help the family. That’s when Bernett Wilson, who works for West Marlborough Township, pulled up with a backhoe.

The men piled into the bucket of the backhoe, formed a human chain, and grabbed the toddler. The father was able to put two more kids on the roof of the car, but another child, the oldest, was struggling.

“Even last night, I couldn’t sleep because I can still see the fear in his eyes as I’m holding on to them,” said DiGregorio, a Phoenixville resident. “Because if I let go, he’s gone. We were all very lucky. I mean, it wasn’t smart by any of us, but it was something that had to be done as soon as possible.”

When the fire department arrived, the men hugged the family and left.

They have all since reunited on solid ground, forming an unbreakable bond.

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