Businesses in Chester County Ready as Green Phase Heralds New, Loosened Restrictions

Image of Be Here Brewing Company in Avondale via MediaNews Group.

With Chester County moving into the green phase today, local businesses are poised to take advantage of the newly loosened restrictions, writes Catherine Odom for the Daily Local News.

Businesses that were allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity can now increase their operations by a further 25 percent. Additionally, many businesses that were still closed, such as hair salons and gyms, can reopen and operate at 50 percent capacity. Childcare facilities are also allowed to reopen, with restrictions.

Inside dining is also resuming at 50 percent capacity, and gatherings of up to 250 people are allowed. Hospital and prison visits can resume.

Moving into the green phase, however, does not mean a complete return to normalcy. Some restrictions will remain, including those relating to nursing and group homes, as well as wearing masks inside businesses and working from home if possible.

When these final restrictions will be lifted remains unknown.

As of June 24, “the Commonwealth has not issued what the guidelines are for what’s after green, other than continuing to remind us that there is a next phase,” said Guy Ciarrocchi, President of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry.

Read more about the green phase in the Daily Local News here.

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