Although Yellow Phase Is Good Start, Local Businesses Take the Long View on Reopening

Image of West Chester via Jack McGuane.

As Chester County prepares for the much-anticipated shift to yellow phase, business owners know that this only represents the start of a long process to fully reopening, writes Fran Maye for the Daily Local News.

On Friday, June 5, retailers and manufacturers will start to reopen, and restaurants will be able to offer outdoor seating. However, indoor entertainment and recreation will remain closed, as will gyms, spas, and hair salons.

“The yellow phase is certainly good news for folks, but it will be the beginning of a very long process,” said Guy Ciarrocchi, CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry. “It will take time to get employees back, time to get supplies back from the supply chain, but it’s an important start.”

Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz also believes that the process will be measured and gradual.

“I think business owners are anxious to open restaurants with outdoor seating, and I think shops are going to try to open and get out there,” she said. “I think it will be gradual. We will see some on Friday and more on Saturday.”

Read more about the yellow phase in the Daily Local News here.


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