Berks County QVC Designer Starts Global Art Initiative


Stephanie Rado Taormina, whose ‘Have Some Fun Today’ line debuts on QVC next month, wants to unleash people’s inner creative genius by way of a global art initiative on social media with #GlobalReset. Image via Facebook.

By Jennifer Leonard

Her lifestyle brand, Have Some Fun Today, just debuted on QVC, and designer Stephanie Rado Taormina already has another project in the works. While the planet self-quarantines, Taormina wants to unleash people’s inner creative genius by way of a global art initiative on social media with #GlobalReset.

Set for April 30, the virtual art show calls for people to share what they’re doing creatively—be it painting, sculpting, even writing poetry, fiction or song lyrics.

The idea began with her two daughters, both in their 20s, back at home in Wyomissing, Pa., for the duration of the pandemic. “As a parent, you have a responsibility to be inspiring,” she says. “I found that my daughters found solace in being creative with me.”

Knowing that artistic expression is sometimes dismissed as less worthy than pursuits in math or science, she wanted to embrace it. “I thought, “‘Wouldn’t it be good if we had a day where everyone can share what they’re doing [creatively]? What could be more meaningful?’”

And the idea has taken off. “One friend in social work, who lives in San Francisco, reached out and shared that she thought it was a great idea,” says Taormina, adding that self-isolation is leading many people to think deeper about their lives and giving them time to try new things.

She discovered that this is especially true for young people. “My daughters say they feel less anxiety,” Taormina says. “This has been a reprieve for young people from the pressures of social media that normally bombard them.”

As the date of the show approaches, Taormina doesn’t have specific expectations, but she does have a great deal of hope. “It could be that it really catches on with people all over the country, even the planet,” she says. “And it could be cool if we then set up an event to auction off the best pieces and give the proceeds to charity.”

While she is excited, Taormina also feels actions like her art initiative are a responsibility. “We are all suffering, but it’s important to find a way to contribute.”

Join Taormina’s initiative by sharing your creativity with #GlobalReset on April 30.



Jennifer Leonard is a writer at VISTA Today, specializing in retail and consumer marketing. A West Goshen resident, Jennifer has 20 years of experience as a full-time editor and writer for magazines including Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen. Jennifer is available at



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