Tuesdays with Michael: Is Your Leadership Team Ready for the Roaring ’20s?

Mark Hostutler

By Michael Gidlewski

Is your leadership team ready for the roaring ’20s?

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, more and more employees are moved to the ranks of management and leadership. Unfortunately, in too many cases, we take our best doer, our best technician, and promote them to management level. Most of these folks have MBAs (management by accident) and are typically given a half-day workshop training in management skills if they are lucky.

When we talk to most of these managers, they admit that they have been given no relevant training for them to succeed in the new role. We need to use assessments and feedback instruments to make these folks successful and give them the training they need, so they in turn can contribute significant value to their organization. In today’s world, moving at the speed we are, on-the-job training is not enough and certainly not comprehensive enough to be successful.

There’s no time to waste.

We need to train and coach our new leaders in the skills that will help them develop their people and grow our organizations. Confident managers are paramount to the success of a high-performance culture. If we are going to prosper in the roaring ’20s, we will need the right people in the boat with us, rowing in the right direction at the same time. And like rowers, they will need to be trained and developed if we are to achieve our big goals over the next 10 years.

What defines an effective manager? Effective leaders know themselves, they know their strengths and weaknesses, and through the use of assessments identify their blind spots so they can maximize their assets and minimize their biases. They excel in communication and coaching skills, they are goal directed and focus on high payoff activities, they make decisions and solve problems, and they create synergistic teamwork by creating a motivational environment that engages employees. They focus on the organization’s vision, clearly communicating that vision and goals to the people they lead. They value their employees and customers and genuinely listen to them. Effective leaders are organized, self-motivated, goal-directed, and focused on continually creating greater value to the organization and the employees.

Develop your people or face the possibilities of being left behind.

The message is crystal clear! To compete in the roaring ’20s, companies must develop leaders and managers at every level just like successful sports teams develop their teams and have a bench to pull from when someone gets hurt or injured. Your greatest competitive advantage moving forward is not necessarily your software, hardware, and machines. They are truly important, but your greatest competitive advantage is your ability to develop your leaders. If you think training and development is expensive, try ignorance.

Are you a business owner or C-Level executive who is tired of hitting a wall while striving to achieve your business and personal goals? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to finally achieve what you want with less stress and greater personal fulfillment? The next Self-Leadership Breakthrough is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 and begins at 8:30 AM. Click here to register.


Michael Gidlewski is President of West Chester-based Achievement Unlimited, Inc., as well as a growth catalyst and motivational speaker. He works with motivated business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define the elements of what they dearly want their businesses and lives to look like, then helps them connect all the moving parts that make up those visions to consistent action and habits. Michael can be reached at 610-793-6609 or via e-mail at michael@achievable.com.

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