First Responders Work on Staying Safe While Helping Public

Image of a Berwyn Fire Company paramedic via Pete Bannan, MediaNews Group.

With more cases of coronavirus emerging across the region, local first responders are working hard to stay safe while helping the public, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Local News.

With this in mind, the Haverford and West Goshen police departments are taking new precautions as they handle incidents.

“This event has created the need for the Emergency Services to take precautions and still have the ability to provide services to our residents,” said Haverford Police Chief John Viola.

Now, residents may receive a phone call rather than an in-person response. When an officer does respond, they may ask the resident to step outside for a conversation, to ensure there is more space to help prevent unwanted contact.

Chief Joseph Gleason of the West Goshen Police Department said that as part of the adjustments, the police station would be locked to the public.

“Please do not hesitate to call the police for assistance,” said Gleason. “We will address all concerns expeditiously and as cautiously as possible to minimize everyone’s exposure.”

Meanwhile, in Springfield, Chief Joseph Daly said his officers “are equipped with the N95 face mask, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizers.”

Read more in the Daily Local News here.

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