Chester County to Take Lead on Public Health Regarding COVID-19 for Delaware County

Mark Hostutler
Chester County Commissioner Marian Moskowitz

Partnership was the theme of a joint press conference held Thursday morning at the Chester County Government Services Center that included officials from both Chester County and Delaware County.

Officials announced the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s approval for Chester County to take the lead on the public health response, recovery, and mitigation regarding COVID-19 for Delaware County.

“Chester County and Delaware County have a long history of working together,” said Marian Moskowitz, Chair of the Chester County Commissioners. “Chester County does have sufficient excess capacity to handle Delaware County’s and Chester County’s needs during this outbreak.”

Moskowitz indicated that 57 counties in Pennsylvania do not have their own health departments, and that Delaware County is one of them.

“Chester County offered to extend its border to include our neighbors in Delaware County,” she said. “This move will not in any way diminish the services we provide. We are all in this together.”

Delaware County Council Chairman Brian Zidek expressed his appreciation for Chester County’s willingness to help out its neighbors.

“When the chips are down, it’s one thing to answer the bell from your own backyard,” he said. “It’s quite another to answer it from a distance, and Chester County has done that.”

Click here to watch the press conference in its entirety.

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