New Reality Show Features a Few Local Contestants, Hilarious Attempts to Pronounce Conshohocken

Image via Netflix.

The Circle, Netflix’s new reality show that is all about appearing cool on social media, features a son-and-mother duo from Conshohocken and a Cabrini University graduate, writes Sinead Cummings for PhillyVoice.

The show’s contestants live in the same building but can only communicate with each other using a voice-activated social media platform. They are all hoping to win the $100,000 prize by presenting themselves in the best possible light, truthful or not.

After a contestant is eliminated, a new one is brought in.

The newest contestant in Episode 8 is Ed Eason from Conshohocken, who has brought his mother with him to the apartment. When he entered group chat for the first time, hilarity ensues as other contestants try – and fail – to pronounce his hometown’s name.

One of the earlier contestants, Sammie, took the opportunity to reveal she is originally from Delaware County, prompting Ed to tell his mother that “Delco chicks are crazy.”

Whether the two can become friends will become clear on Jan. 15, when the next batch of episodes is released.

Read more about The Circle at PhillyVoice by clicking here.

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