2020 VISTA Millennial Superstars: Jonathan Guarente

Image of Jonathan Guarente via Paul Patton, Wilmington University.

Jonathan Guarente, who was born and raised in West Chester, is the owner of JDG Basketball and the head basketball coach at Church Farm School, an all-boys prep and boarding school that serves grades 9-12.

Guarente earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University. He credits his mentor, Seth Berger, the head boys basketball coach at the Westtown School and the former CEO of AND1 Basketball, as having the biggest impact on his career.

“Seth is a big reason why I get to live my dream,” said Guarente, who began working when he was in college as an instructional aide for a child with cerebral palsy in the Coatesville Area School District. “While I was an assistant on his staff, he led by example and taught me the importance of preparation and communication. He was selfless, devoted, and invested in helping his players improve both on and off the court.”

Guarente’s business, JDG Basketball, is focused on the development of basketball players, from youth to professionals. Watching a player achieve his or her goals is what makes him proud.

“I have worked with kids who are trying to make their middle school team, as well as players with NBA aspirations,” he said. “Watching their success and knowing I played a small part in helping them get there means the world to me.”

Guarente’s favorite Chester County restaurant is Limoncello in West Chester.

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