Established as the First Park in Chester County, Hibernia Park Remains a Historic Gem

Kimberly McGuane
Image of Hibernia Park via the County of Chester.

Hibernia Park, established as the first park in Chester County in 1964, is home to some of the most historic and beautiful places in the county, according to a report in Western Chester County Life magazine.

Hibernia welcomes close to 175,000 people every year. Its most popular feature is Chambers Lake, which offers great recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and birdwatching. The lake connects with the West Branch of Brandywine Creek, a well-known fishing spot.

Another popular feature is Hibernia Mansion, a stunning home that grew with the increased prosperity of its then-owners. However, it fell into despair in the late 1950s after sitting vacant for a decade.

The property was bought by Chester County in 1963 and is now operated by the Chester County Department of Facilities and Parks. Since then, the mansion has been restored to its former glory and has found its way onto the National Register of Historic Places.

Hibernia also has an impressive range of walking trails. There are six different trails, all of different lengths and difficulty. One of them, Birch Run Trail, is renowned for its gorgeous views of Chambers Lake.

Read more about Hibernia Park in Western Chester County Life magazine here.

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