Outdoor Lighting Professional in West Chester Creates Brighter Future for Everybody

(Image via Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting)

Tim Ryan of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting in West Chester is sharing his passion for outdoor lighting with others through training and stunning imagery, writes Sarah Bunyea for Irrigation and Green Industry magazine.

“I like to say that people who are lighting designers get the lighting bug,” said Ryan. “They become very passionate and fall in love with this because what we do is so incredibly transformational to properties.”

Ryan serves as the company’s national director of lighting design and the national director of training. He is also Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting’s photographer and videographer, using images and video to communicate his vision to the company’s customers.

“My goal is to have Lighthouse be synonymous with quality lighting design,” he said.

Ryan’s efforts have proven successful, as the company and its vision keep growing. Currently, there are 23 corporate and independently owned franchises, with more on the way.

A big part of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting’s success is the fact it provides full training and support to new franchise operators in all things outdoor lighting. This helps eliminate years of a learning curve and the expanse of figuring out how to be successful in the business.

Read more about Tim Ryan in Irrigation and Green Industry magazine here.

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