Always-Busy Kennett Brewing Company Plans to Expand Space, Increase Brewing Capacity

Image of Jossy Osborne via Dylan Francis, Historic Kennett Square.

The Kennett Brewing Company, which recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, is planning to expand its space and increase brewing capacity to meet the growing demand, writes Tara Smith for Southern Chester County Weeklies.

In the four years since it opened, the brewery has become a favorite gathering place in the community. It’s known for hosting events to raise money and awareness for a number of great causes. And its owners wish they could do even more.

“We need more space and more than 12 months in a year,” said Jossy Osborne, who co-owns the brewery with her husband, Mark. “And we need to be able to make more beer.”

While they may not be able to add any more months to the calendar, the owners will change what they can. The current premises will expand into what is currently a garage between the bar and Apple Alley.

The new space will help the pair expand from the current five-barrel system to 10 barrels and four fermenters. It will also incorporate another bar facing the current one. This will provide more seating and ensure everyone can get a clear view of the stage.

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