Pennsylvania the Only State That Doesn’t Allow Local Police to Use Radar to Catch Speeders

Image via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Pennsylvania’s status as the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t allow local police departments to use radar to catch speeders may soon change, as a bill permitting them to do so passed, 49-1, in the State Senate last week, writes Jacob Tierney for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Only state police are allowed to use radar in Pennsylvania, while local police departments have to use a stopwatch or a laser system known as ENRADD.

“It’s a hot topic … something that we’ve been fighting for some time now,” said Mike Vogel, president of the Western Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. “There’s really no reason that we shouldn’t possess those.”

The No. 1 concern for anti-radar advocates is that local police will use speeding tickets as a way to earn revenue.

The chair of the House Transportation Committee, State Rep. Tim Hennessy of Chester County, said that it may soon consider a radar bill.

“Radar seems to be the holy grail of all police departments,” Hennessy said.

Click here to read more about local police departments pushing for the use of radar to catch speeders in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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