Glen Mills Schools Promises a Lot of Change if Allowed to Reopen

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Three months after the state revoked its licenses over abuse allegations, the Glen Mills Schools is pledging to change its programming, hiring practices, and even its philosophy, if allowed to reopen, writes Lisa Gartner for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The Glen Mills Schools programs, living units, staffing, and philosophy will be vastly different moving forward,” acting Executive Director Christopher Spriggs wrote in a letter addressed to “Friends of the Glen Mills Schools.”

“After the layoff of 250 full-time staff, contractors, and part-time employees, the Glen Mills Schools has embarked on a restructuring effort that will include new hiring practices, a restructuring of its residential units, and a complete program overhaul.”

Additional details were not provided.

For now, Glen Mills’ operating licenses remain revoked.

Ali Fogarty, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services , said DHS “has not received any documents regarding what Glen Mills might have been referring to” in terms of new services and programs.

Philadelphia City Councilwoman Helen Gym was skeptical.

“Simply shuffling leadership or rebranding a program without addressing the core issues that led to their closure,” she said, “raises questions about their ability or interest in true change.”

Read more about Glen Mills Schools in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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