Amazon Charges Local Man Outrageous Amount for Textbook His Daughter Returned a Few Days Late

Amelia SanFilippo

Springfield resident Anthony SanFilippo was charged $3,800 by Amazon for a rented textbook his daughter was a few days late returning, writes William Bender for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In February, Amelia SanFilippo, a cognitive science major at the University of Delaware, rented Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age using her father’s debit card. The date it was due back was June 24.

The college freshman had asked her father to mail the book for her, but during a busy week, it slipped his mind. On June 28, Amelia received an e-mail stating that the rental was now purchased for $3,800.60, which was 30 times more than the price of the textbook.

“I was shocked,” said Amelia.

Her father immediately called Amazon’s customer service and was notified that the money would not be refunded until the company received the book. Providing a UPS tracking number was not enough, they said.

It took SanFilippo five days and countless hours talking to various customer service representatives to finally receive a refund. However, he never received an explanation about why he was charged such an exorbitant amount in the first place.

Read more in The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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