What to Know About the Devon Horse Show, the Crown Jewel of Main Line Traditions

Kimberly McGuane
Image via Clem Murray, Philadelphia Inquirer.

While most people in Chester County are familiar with the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, those new to the experience can be intimidated by the grandeur of the crown jewel of Main Line traditions, writes Bethany Ao for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The oldest and largest multi-breed horse show in the country kicked off on Thursday and will run for 11 days. It started in 1896 and, throughout its long history, has been attended by governors, senators, and even presidents.

Devon is an extremely prestigious equestrian show. Riders and horses have to accumulate enough points at other shows to be able to compete.

The event is filled with traditions that should not be missed. Among them is Ladies’ Day, which started in 1912 and had women serve at most positions, including as entrants and ring officials. Today, the day is best known for the annual hat contest.

The sporting event that should not be missed is the Grand Prix on May 30.

For those who prefer dogs to horses, there is a dog show on the opening day with a jump course, tricks, and costumes.

Read more about the Devon Horse Show in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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