Wall Street Journal: Hobbyist Woodworker Builds Dream Shop with Help from Downingtown Supplier

Woodcraft in Downingtown.

John Zerrer, a hobbyist woodworker who builds live-edge furniture, has created his dream shop in New Jersey with help from Tom Temple, the owner of a Woodcraft franchise in Downingtown, writes Beth DeCarbo for The Wall Street Journal.

Zerrer, 64, recently retired from custom homebuilding and has started a home-inspection business. However, his true passion lies in woodworking, something he knew he had an affinity for since his 20s.

Now, he spends his free time constructing benches, tables, and other furniture in a converted barn on his property.

“It’s very therapeutic for me,” he said. “When I’m in the shop focused on a project, I’m in a creative zone and nothing else exists.”

His live-edge designs emphasize the natural elements such as the bark edges and knotholes in walnut, with his finished pieces either for personal use, donated, or gifted to friends.

To clear the site and build the barn, Zerrer spent around $135,000. The design and layout of the shop were done in collaboration with Temple.

Read more about the dream shop in The Wall Street Journal by clicking here.

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