Owner of Spur Run Farm in Landenberg Hopes to Spread Love of Horses

Kimberly McGuane
Megan D'Amico, inset. Images via Spur Run Farm.

Megan D’Amico began Spur Run Farm in Landenberg, where she trains and sells hunter ponies, in the hopes of spreading the love of horses she has had since an early age, writes Steven Hoffman for the Chester County Press.

“I always loved horses,” said D’Amico.

The farm sells various breeds of high-quality horses, and many of D’Amico’s ponies are award-winning champions in East Coast competitions.

She takes special pride in the level of care her farm provides to the horses, and is highly selective on the breed of horses sold on the farm. If someone wants a breed not immediately available, she will try to get it for them.

One of her favorite things about the farm is pairing an adult or a child with the right horse or pony. Thanks to her extensive experience, she instinctively knows which rider and pony will be a good match.

Her farm is also bolstered by Landenberg being an equestrian paradise.

“Chester County is huge for horses,” she said. “There are plenty of farms, but you’re still close enough to things.”

Read more about Spur Run Farm in the Chester County Press here.

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