Lawmakers, Realtors, Policy Analysts Discuss New Report on How Schools Affect Home Values


A new report by ReadyNation entitled “Real Estate Markets Thrive When PA Schools Work” was discussed by a panel of lawmakers, realtors, and policy analysts at Ridley High School last week, writes Kevin Tustin for the Daily Times.

The report states that adequate funding for public schools affects the achievements of public school children, which in turn affect home values.

Properly funded schools enable all of their students to learn and achieve, while others have to scrape by on already high local taxes.

This is reflected in the Upper Darby School District, which is reportedly underfunded by the state by $16 million. Meanwhile, the William Penn School District, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against the state over funding, has some of the highest real estate taxes.

Now, both education advocates and brokers are trying to address this.

“We’re in this together when we increase the resources at the state level for the schools, we bring up the bottom kids and we return the benefits to homeowners who can get better values for their homes,” said Public Citizens for Children and Youth Executive Director Donna Cooper.

Read more about the report in the Daily Times by clicking here.

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