West Chester Woman’s New Female Wellness App on Track to Generate $3.5 Million by 2020

Tam Williams

Launched last year by West Chester resident Tam Williams, SHEapp offers women an empowering wellness platform that focuses on all aspects of their health, writes Melissa Jacobs for Main Line Today.

Williams’s health and wellness app is different from most fitness apps, which often need an added device, like FitBit. Instead, SHEapp works on mobile phones without this requirement.

SHEapp also does much more than simply count steps, calories, and hours spent asleep. It focuses on “360-degree wellness.” Among the 15 topics included on the app are health, exercise, diet, happiness, education, work, and spirituality.

“If you don’t have inspiration, spirituality, happiness, and kindness in your life, you are not truly healthy,” said Williams. And as a domestic abuse survivor, she knew exactly what she wanted from her app.

“If I had something like She’s It at my fingertips, I could’ve connected with other women,” she said.

Williams was right. Since launching in October, SHEapp has had millions of downloads, advertisers, and product sales. The corporate version has also gained interest from local powerhouses, such as SAP and Independence Blue Cross.

If Williams’s projections are correct, the app will generate more than $3.5 million by 2020.

Read more about Tam Williams and SHEapp in Main Line Today here.

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