In Era of Online Shopping, Local Grocery Stores Turn to Unorthodox Methods of Attracting Customers

Image via Yong Kim, Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the era of online shopping, local grocery stores are turning to unorthodox methods of attracting more customers, including in-store dining, concerts, and various classes, writes Allison Steele for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

About 10 years ago, Wegmans began hosting live music on Friday nights as a test. Now, this practice has spread to so many of its stores that the company has to use a booking agency to handle requests from local musicians.

Now, people can also enjoy beer tastings, cheese nights, summer cookouts, and much more at local grocery stores.

The Weavers Way Co-op in Ambler has “$4 Fridays,” when people can buy hot meals at a discount price and even eat them in the store if they wish.

The Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting and Exton offer rooftop yoga classes. The grocery chain has also long supported in-store tasting events and cooking demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the Wegmans in Devon hosts cookouts on Thursday nights during the summer that feature beer tastings and live music. The event is aimed at families going away for a long weekend.

“They don’t want to cook and clean the night before they leave,” said team leader Ken Letherer.

Read more about what grocery stores are doing to attract customers in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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