Funds Awarded to Pair of Local Airports Are ‘an Amazing Economic Multiplier’ for Region

Kimberly McGuane
Image via Chester County G. O. Carlson Airport.

Brandywine Airport in West Chester and Chester County G.O. Carlson Airport in Coatesville have received substantial funding from the state for upgrades to improve and maintain safety, writes Fran Maye for the Daily Local News.

The two airports are among the 26 in Pennsylvania that received a total of $6 million in state investment. The funds are earmarked for safety upgrades and the expansion of various aviation-related operational and economic opportunities.

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Brandywine Airport will receive $150,000 for the design of new hangar site infrastructure. Meanwhile, Chester County Airport will get $1 million to construct a new hangar site, develop infrastructure, and install an aircraft and air traffic control communications link.

“I’m pleased that Brandywine Airport is getting this attention from the state,” said State Rep. Carolyn Comitta. “It’s an amazing economic multiplier for our region and the development there is sure to create jobs.”

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“These funds will help improve the safety of our local, public-use airports, while boosting our regional economy and supporting our workforce,” said State Sen. Andy Dinniman.

Read more about the funding in the Daily Local News here.

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