Pennsylvania Auditor General Releases Report with Recommendations for Reducing Gun Violence

Image of Eugene DePasquale via the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General.

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has released a report that lists 12 recommendations for reducing deaths due to gun violence, writes Rachel McDevitt for 90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh’s NPR News Station.

The report follows a year-long review of firearm safety across the state.

DePasquale focused on the existing law and how it can positively impact safety and the public cost of providing care for victims of gun violence. Gun safety advocates, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and gun rights groups provided input for the report.

DePasquale emphasized that mass shootings like the one at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October attract the most attention. However, they account for less than one percent of all commonwealth firearm deaths, with suicides being the majority.

The report recommends measures to help reduce the stigma relating to mental health issues, as well as increasing mental health treatment.

The report also recommends investing in violence prevention and gun safety training programs and doing a more-thorough vetting for concealed-carry permits.

DePasquale said, that on top of the human toll that stands at around 1,500 killed each year in the state, gun violence also has a significant financial impact.

“Over the last decade, firearm-related injuries cost Pennsylvania taxpayers about $1.5 billion in total healthcare costs,” he said.

Read more about the report from 90.5 WESA here.

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