Former Octorara Student Goes from Family Outcast to Owning Restaurant Empire

Image of Han Chiang via Heather Khalifa, Philadelphia Inquirer.

The owner of Han Dynasty – a restaurant empire with nine locations in Philadelphia, the suburbs, and now New York City – was neither a chef nor a businessman when he started his first restaurant in Exton 11 years ago, writes Michael Klein for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to Han Chiang, who briefly attended Octorara High School, he was a constant source of disappointment to his Taiwanese parents. At 27, though, he had an epiphany and opened his Exton restaurant.

“I literally worked three years straight, 365 days a year, 10 hours a day, and I was living inside my restaurant half the time,” he said.

According to Chiang, his next restaurant in Royersford was his mother’s doing.

“One day, she had a piece of paper and she’s like, ‘Here, sign this. I just bought a restaurant in Royersford.’”

Chiang has since added several more locations, with the latest in New York City. And while he enjoys opening new restaurants, having so many locations can be demanding at times.

“When there’s a problem, I always solve the problems,” he said. “When one restaurant has a problem, it’s fine, I can always solve it, but it’s when multiple restaurants having problems, that’s when I feel the pressure.”

Read more about Han Chiang in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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