Tori’s Time: Say It Isn’t So


Young Americans don’t vote. That’s what the statistics say. So, I asked a couple of young Americans why they didn’t vote and here’s what I heard.

‘I am registered to vote because I got a message on my phone on how to do it and it was pretty easy. But, I don’t think my vote will really make a difference.’

‘I don’t know where to look on my phone or computer to understand the candidates or their platforms.’

‘I looked up absentee ballots and I can print out the application but I need a stamp (well, actually 2) to mail in the form.’

‘Really? Who mails anything. I don’t have time to stand in line to vote with a system I don’t trust.’

Here’s my rebuttal.

It’s not just young Americans that don’t vote but the Millennial generation counts for one-third of the electorate. 40 percent of millennials identify as non-white, making them the most diverse voting generation in history.

If there is one thing I know about this generation, they are passionate. Voters have the power to make decisions that affect their country, their state, their town, their rights.

If you don’t like the way America is run, and yet you don’t vote in elections or make your opinion heard, then you, not the government is at fault.

Every vote matters. There have been too many cases in U.S. history where this has been seen. Look it up. You will find cases where one or two votes changed an election.

I know it’s a hassle to wait in line to vote but you will wait in line to get your phone fixed or to get into a venue so do something productive while you are in line; look up the candidates online, or actually talk to the people around you that are part of your community or school.

So, let me make it a little bit easier for everyone.  Go to  It is a wealth of information on the candidates and their platform, where to vote, when to vote and how to vote.

If you don’t vote for your own interests, who will?


Tori Goodrich is a life, business and professional; What Should I Do Now coach. She is also the co-owner of Gener8tional Connections helping companies work through the great divide. Contact Tori by telephone at 610.613.2127, on the web at, or via email at


Editor’s Note: Tuesday, October 9th is the last day to register to vote in the November 6th General Election. Register to vote in Pennsylvania online here.


Top photo credit: byronv2 2018 045 via photopin (license)

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