Tori’s Time: No Phone, No Way!


Yes, I am having a relationship with my phone but I haven’t decided if it’s love or hate.  I know I should designate “no phone” or “no tech” times.  But what if I miss something?  It almost too scary to comprehend.

There are those of us who remember having to wait your turn to use the house phone (you younger folk may know them as landlines), or hearing a busy signal, or even yet staring at that pink princess phone waiting for a boy to call.

It’s that anticipation or disappointment that I think can be a significant lesson.  Sometimes the anticipation is as important as the reward.

Here’s a scary statistic, American adults collectively check their phones 12 billions times per day according to a 2017 Deloitte survey.  I don’t even want to know what the stats are for the younger generation.

But please don’t get me wrong, this technology and ability to see and get information instantly and connect with others is wonderful. But, all I’m asking is to step back one small step for mankind.

Just consider developing a healthier relationship with your devices and to claim time to deprogram from them.  That instantaneous reward of information can be a wonderful tool but so is quiet time, eye to eye contact, having your mind wander and dream.

My request is to take a moment and unplug and recharge.  I see how dependent we have become on these tools; I am not sure if we control them or they control us.

Just a thought.


Tori Goodrich is a life, business and professional; What Should I Do Now coach. She is also the co-owner of Gener8tional Connections helping companies work through the great divide. Visit her on the web at, or reach her via email at

Top photo credit: NEC NEC-ext-39 via photopin (license)

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