CNN: Exton’s Analytical Graphics Excels in High-Stakes Business of Tracking Space Junk

Image of AGI's offices in Exton via CNN.

Exton’s Analytical Graphics, Inc. tracks thousands of pieces of space junk orbiting the Earth to ensure none collides with active communication satellites, writes Jackie Wattles for CNN.

Space debris has become a serious issue with millions of pieces already in orbit from a half-century of space travel. Furthermore, any collisions can potentially affect GPS, satellite television, Internet, and cell phone services for millions of people.

AGI entered the field, usually the domain of the government and regulators, five years ago with ComSpOC. It currently tracks around 2,500 objects of interest to the company’s current or prospective customers. However, the software is capable of tracking hundreds of thousands of objects.

If AGI detects a potential collision, the company notifies the satellite’s operator to give it a chance to maneuver its satellite to safety.

While the U.S. military program called Joint Space Operations Center tracks debris and warns operators for free, AGI believes satellite operators are willing to pay for a service that provides more details and a hands-on service.

“This is really our strong suit,” said CEO Paul Graziani.

Read more about Analytical Graphics, Inc. at CNN here.

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