Malvern’s Momentum Dynamics Revolutionizes Recharging of Electric Vehicles

Image via Momentum Dynamics.

Malvern’s Momentum Dynamics is revolutionizing the recharging of electronic vehicles with its new wireless system, writes Andrew Maykuth for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Chester County startup has developed a system that wirelessly transfers energy from a panel embedded in the pavement to an electronic vehicle.

Momentum CEO Andy Daga compares the system to wireless recharging for a cellphone, only on a much larger scale. Daga believes that the new system will help overcome the “range anxiety” that comes from the battery limitations that have limited the adoption of electric vehicles.

“This is really revolutionary, to automatically operate fast-charging systems that nobody needs to interact with,” said Daga. “Your vehicle will automatically charge itself without thinking about it.”

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At this time, the company serves the large electric vehicles market, including municipal buses that follow a circuit and return to the same location for a quick charge.

“We make incremental charges along the way,” said Daga. “That bus can then have unlimited range.”

The company hopes to eventually have a network of wireless chargers placed on parking lots and roadways to expand its reach into other markets.

Read more about Momentum Dynamics in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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