Drummers, Dancers from Top Performing Arts University in Japan Take Stage at WCU


WCU Live! will welcome the Tamagawa University Taiko Drumming & Dance Troupe to Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:30 PM for a high-energy audio and visual spectacle for all ages.

As one of the top-ranked Taiko groups in Japan, their amazing stage show, featuring thundering Taiko drum percussion and visually stunning folk dancing, has received rave reviews from their many performances in the U.S.

The nearly 30 drummers and dancers from Tamagawa University, the top performing arts university in Japan, are making a return appearance to campus between their performances at the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festivals.

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Rooted in Japanese tradition, Taiko drumming is a form of ensemble drumming that has strictly choreographed movements that many identify with martial arts. The range of drums can be as small as a snare drum to the size of a car, with the most common drum being the size of a barrel.

Taiko’s defining aspect is its dynamic, loud, hard, and fast playing style, which will be complemented by traditional Japanese folk dances throughout the show.

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A division of West Chester University’s Department of Cultural and Community Affairs, WCU Live! is now in its 22nd year of presenting the best of touring international artists to the community. Throughout its history, WCU Live! has aimed to be a diverse and multidisciplinary series, with a something-for-everyone approach to its programming.

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