Landenberg Farm Joins Effort to Keep Sources of Drinking Water Clean

Kimberly McGuane

High Point Acres, a farm in Landenberg run by the Hoopes family for the last 150 years, is one of several local farms joining the effort to protect nearby sources of drinkable water, writes Mark Eichmann for WHYY.

The farm is currently run by Barclay Hoopes, who raises hundreds of dairy cows on the land.

“I just love this land and farm, and so do my children,” he said. “Hopefully, it will continue on.”

At the corner of the farm is a small water stream that is part of White Clay Creek. The water is taken from the creek by SUEZ Water, which treats it, then delivers it to customers.

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But the farm’s proximity to the water presents a hazard, as the water can pick up parasites from the cows.

To prevent this, SUEZ has been working with local farmers to keep the livestock away by planting trees to create a buffer. It also helps to improve water quality and shade the stream.

“There’s no farmer that I know about that wants to pollute the water,” said Hoopes. “There’s a finite amount of fresh water in the world, and you’ve got to keep it clean.”

Read more about High Point Acres and Barclay Hoopes at WHYY here.

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