VISTA Volunteers – Family Service of Chester County’s ZOOM Program Needs Volunteers

From left: Maureen Tomoschuk, Miriam Geiger, Esmeralda Trujillo, Juliana Lezama, Vicente Sanchez, Rob Robinson, Linda Conzentino, and George Grosso.

Family Service of Chester County’s new program – ZOOM – has more than 90 clients enrolled in its transportation program that connects area nonprofit clients with free transportation to and from medical appointments.

Since ZOOM’s launch, more than 2,300 miles have been driven by dedicated volunteer drivers and more than 100 trips have been completed.

The demand for this transportation service is very high, and ZOOM is in immediate need for additional volunteers to participate in this personal and flexible experience. Many of the clients enrolled in ZOOM would otherwise miss important medical appointments, simply because they lack safe and reliable transportation.

These volunteers had the following to say about their experience with ZOOM:

  • Rob Robinson: “I enjoy helping people, and this is filling my free time with something rewarding. I am a retired teacher and I think this would be a wonderful volunteer experience for anyone who has retired from their job, because you are used to meeting people. The gratitude and warmth that people give back is very meaningful.”
  • George Grosso: “The computer system for the ride requests is easy to use, and I check to see what rides are needed and usually like to pick up rides for Wednesdays when I have a free day. This has worked out for me.”
  • Tom Metcalf: “I can’t imagine the stress that people (and their loved ones) might feel if they’re at risk of missing their medical appointments, because they can’t get rides to and from their medical providers. ZOOM helps solve that problem, and as a ZOOM driver, I’m glad I have the opportunity to enable clients to keep up with their health.”
  • John Davis: “If more people understood how easy and smooth the ZOOM program is, I think more people would do it. It is a chance to give back, and as a retired businessman, it is nice to help someone other than myself.”

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These clients had the following to say about the help ZOOM provides:

  • Vicente Sanchez: “I am so thankful for the ZOOM volunteers that have helped me and my wife get to our medical appointments. The people that have provided us with a ride have been so generous, and we are so grateful for this service. I work full time, and before the ZOOM program, I had to take a whole day off work to be able to get my wife or myself to our medical appointments.”
  • Esmeralda Trujillo: “The ZOOM program has been a huge help for me because I don’t have to worry about my husband missing a whole day from work to help me get to my medical appointment when I have a ZOOM ride. I am able to trust my ZOOM drivers, and I feel less stressed when I have an appointment coming up.”
  • Juliana Lezama: “Before the ZOOM program, I would sometimes need to walk several miles, which made me often miss my appointments.”

Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) is the first nonprofit organization that has partnered with the ZOOM program for assistance with transportation needs since its launch. CVIM provides compassionate primary medical and dental care and health education to people who live or work in Chester County who lack access to insurance.

“Transportation to medical and dental appointments is a barrier to many CVIM patients receiving the care they need to live healthier lives,” said Maureen Tomoschuk, CEO and President of Community Volunteers in Medicine. “The volunteer drivers with the ZOOM program are helping to provide CVIM patients, our fellow community members, with access to essential healthcare services by providing them with a ride.

“The ZOOM program drivers are playing an important role in helping CVIM patients to achieve their health goals by getting them to their appointments, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

Those interested who can offer at least one ride per month are encouraged to contact Linda Conzentino, Program Coordinator, at or 610-696-4900.

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