Coatesville to Turn Back the Clocks This Month with Vintage Grand Prix


Coatesville is getting ready for its second Invitational Vintage Grand Prix, set for Sept. 23 with more than 60 contestants. Image of last year's race via YouTube.

Old-timers are about to revisit the streets of Coatesville once again, as the city gets ready for its second Invitational Vintage Grand Prix, writes Phyllis Rowan for Western Chester County Life Magazine.

Cars that were an everyday sight in Coatesville nine decades ago will bring back a piece of history to the streets on Sept. 23.

The idea for the race came two years ago, when City Manager Mike Trio saw the wealth of old cars, go-carts, and motorcycles at Dick Miles’s workshop.

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The inaugural event saw 15 motorcycles and around 40 cars compete, and drew some very rare cars to Coatesville. According to the chairman of the event, Denis Branca, only vehicles from 1900 to 1965 are allowed. For this year, the organizers expect to see more than 60 participants.

The route will be the same as last year, winding through city neighborhoods over a 2.2-mile course. The start and finish lines will be at Third Avenue and Lincoln Highway. Each car will run alone and be individually timed.

The proceeds will go toward helping to improve Coatesville’s parks and fixing playground equipment and water features throughout the city.

Read more about the Invitational Vintage Grand Prix in Western Chester County Life Magazine here.

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