Time Has Only Enhanced the Miss Oxford Diner

Good food and great memories have immortalized the Miss Oxford Diner, and its owner is striving to keep up that high standard in modern times. Image via the Chester County Press.

It may be more popular now than its 1954 debut because time has been good to the Miss Oxford Diner.

Beyond its tasty comfort foods and the comfortable company of friends, the Miss Oxford Diner serves up a menu full of memories from across the decades.

“I want people to be able to step back in time when they come here,” said owner Pam Benjamin in a Chester County Press report by Steven Hoffman. “It’s been here for so long now that it’s a part of the community. The diner is an attraction because of the age of it and because of its stability in the community. It’s really an attraction on its own.”

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And it takes a real commitment to Oxford and a commitment to holding together an entire team of employees to live up to an immortal standard of excellence.

“We want the community to have this place where people can enjoy the nostalgia of a diner and enjoy being with each other,” Benjamin said. “This might be my business, but so many people have a vested interest in it. They have an ownership in it, and I think that’s a good thing for the community. The diner is a part of this community. I would like to see it stay as original as possible.”

Read more about the Miss Oxford Diner and Benjamin’s journey to owner of it in the Chester County Press here.

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