As Sponsor of Suburban Philadelphia Speaker Series, First Priority Bank Sees Value for Local Businesses

Inset: Brian Selander, left, and McKay Coppins are the first two speakers in the Suburban Philadelphia Speaker Series, sponsored by First Priority Bank.

By Chris Cooper

The Suburban Philadelphia Speaker Series, which debuts on Oct. 4 at People’s Light and Theatre in Malvern, will meet an unfilled need for the region, according to one of the sponsors of the series.

“I think there’s a void in the market for this type of quality programming that certainly resonates with our customers and the markets we serve,” said Matthew Rovi, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at First Priority Bank. “For us to be involved in it from Day One was really attractive. And with the audience we want to be talking to – especially as we are expanding our Chester County presence – it just felt right to help put something like this together.”

Transition is the theme of the series that kicks off in October when Brian Selander takes the stage. Selander is the Entrepreneur in Residence at SeventySix Capital, a leading venture capital firm in Radnor. He helps his firm stay ahead of emerging developments across industries, and will discuss the explosion of eSports and they’re impact on society.

The Speaker Series continues on Nov. 15 when journalist and author McKay Coppins arrives in Chester County. Coppins is a staff writer for The Atlantic, as well as a regular contributor to CNN and MSNBC. For Rovi, the quality of speakers and the theme of the series should draw many from the local business community to People’s Light and Theatre, a more convenient location than Center City.

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“We will have some very interesting individuals come here that will bring amazing insights and perspectives, and we tie it in with the theme of transitioning,” he said. “Every business is going through some sort of transition, some sort of evolution. Certainly, financial services is one of them.

“Industries that you thought were exempt from some of this are starting to feel the shift in the way consumers behave. There’s a lot happening, and getting the insights from thought leaders on a variety of topics is very powerful.”

Indeed, different speakers on a variety of topics are key to the value and success of the series, which will continue into 2018.

“I like the fact that the speakers are not all financial-related or bank-related,” said Rovi. “The intent here is to have individuals get at some things that are emerging, fascinating, and interesting, and VISTA Today is very open to suggestions on ways to enrich the program as it continues to grow.”

By either extending invitations to prospects and customers or purchasing tickets for them, Rovi sees the Speaker Series as a platform for his bank and for other companies to foster new relationships and deepen old ones and thus drive business.

“The Speaker Series is the kind of thing we wanted to be connected with,” he said. “It complements our core values of being creative, responsive, loyal, and local. I know our customers will find it of value. It’s at a centralized location with plenty of parking, and it’s relatively easy to get to.

“I believe our customers and, quite frankly, all attendees will say, ‘I got something out of this.’”

Click here to purchase tickets for Brian Selander’s “eSports: Out of the Basement, Into the Mainstream.”

Click here to purchase tickets for McKay Coppins’s “The Future of Politics in America.”

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