Pete’s Produce Farm Grows Solutions to Hunger, Much to Chester County Food Bank’s Delight

Pete’s Produce Farm in West Chester has cultivated a decades-long legacy of growing fresh food expressly for the Chester County Food Bank.

For years, a West Chester farmer has been cultivating a special crop for an often-empty corner of a special shop.

Pete’s Produce Farm has grown fresh, valuable vegetables expressly for the Chester County Food Bank.

Traditionally, “there wasn’t much access to fresh produce,” said Food Bank Executive Director Larry Welsch in a CBS Philly report by Ukee Washington. “Food banks have always been known kind of as the domain of canned corn and peanut butter.”

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Over the years, however, Pete’s Produce Farm has dedicated a portion of its 200-acre operation as a donation to the hungry, and the gift is so appreciated that volunteers eagerly harvest about 70,000 pounds of fresh produce a year there.

“We’re the wealthiest county in Pennsylvania, and it’s hard to believe that there are people that need food,” said owner Pete Flynn.

But that need has warranted an entire three acres of production.

Watch the CBS Philly clip below or read more about the legacy of donating fresh food at Pete’s Produce Farm on CBS Philly here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the Chester County Food Bank here.


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