West Chester Siblings Create Organic Weed Killer


Image of Luca and Isabella Miraldi via Bill Rettew, Digital First Media.

Two West Chester siblings are using an organic weed solution that they hope will be as successful as name brand pesticides, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

They are part of the eight-member Sierra Club Youth Corps that is against treating weeds using the popular herbicide Roundup. Instead, they are using a non-poisonous, vinegar-based solution that is safer for the environment.

Luca Miraldi, a sophomore at Devon Prep, and Isabella Miraldi, a Rustin High School senior, recently tested their solution on the 300 block of West Union Street.


The mixture consists of vinegar, salt, and dish soap. These then extract moisture from the plant, essentially killing it.

“Knowing that there is an alternative way, if there’s something just as good as Roundup and it’s a green way, then why not use it?” said Isabella.

According to Dianne Herrin, the Democratic candidate for mayor and Sierra Club member, the project is an amazing educational opportunity for the club’s young members.

“It teaches them that there are alternatives for managing our environment,” she said.

Read more about the teens’ organic weed solution in the Daily Local News here.

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