First Resource Bank Courts Young Professionals with New Millennial Professional Board

Josh McKinley, a Customer Service Representative for First Resource Bank, speaks to the Millennial Professional Board.

Millennials – typically defined as people born between 1982 and 2000 – are quickly becoming a significant segment of the workforce.

As a rising generation of young professionals, they are working hard, finding success, and will become top leaders in their fields over the next several years.

First Resource Bank, with its heavy focus on the small-business community, is reaching out to this up-and-coming group of educated, well-trained professionals.

Senior Vice President John Durso worked with local chambers of commerce to identify a group of successful young professionals who could work with the bank and help it learn more about millennial tastes and interests.

The project eventually coalesced into the bank’s Millennial Professional Board. Each year, First Resource hosts three to four board meetings, at which board members will participate in focus groups, meet other successful professionals, gain public speaking experience, and develop valuable networking skills.

Some older professionals and even a few high school students have also been invited to participate on the board.

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“When John told me about the group, I immediately jumped on the chance to join the committee,” said Anthony Civitello, a Portfolio Strategist at Ellis Investment Partners. “The chance to work with other young individuals like myself from other fields is a great opportunity for me. Ultimately, the chance to give back and team up with a great group of people and a business like First Resource was a no-brainer.”

The board is also taking the lead on putting together a large community service project.

“I interviewed each member of the board, and they were all looking for positive, philanthropic activities to lead,” said Durso. “They have participated in all sorts of charitable activities, but they haven’t had the chance to lead.

“By having a chance to lead a project that will help their community, networking with some of the best and brightest young business people in our area, and having their opinion heard in meaningful ways, they jumped at the chance.”

Valentina Alonso, a Social Media Specialist at Bioclinica, appreciates the opportunity to have her voice heard.

“I loved being in a room surrounded by people my age who were applying their own industry knowledge to tackle a common problem, and it was really empowering to see that by coming together, we really have the option to make a difference,” said Alonso. “First Resource is giving us an opportunity to make the most of our voices, and combat a lot of negative stereotypes about millennials, which I think is really something to be proud of.”

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The board is planning the charitable activity from conception to execution, with the full support of the bank along the way.

As more and more millennials join the workforce and increase their purchasing power, groups like the Millennial Professional Board will be invaluable to businesses as they look to attract new customers.

Millennials have different tastes, and the board’s input on technology, product offerings, marketing, and other topics is a unique way to help First Resource Bank grow its customer base.

“I think this idea of a Millennial Professional Board is incredible,” said Lorenzo Merino, a Loan Officer at First State Community Loan Fund. “When John first spoke to me about this project, I realized just how committed this bank was to the community and the young professionals that have begun to take lead in the world of business.

“For me, it was it was an honor and a privilege to be a part of something so great, like giving back to the community and supporting both the bank and other young professionals.”

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