DNB First’s High-Caliber Wealth Management Platform Is a Rarity Among Community Banks

Rick Weber

As the old saying goes, Rick Weber, the Managing Director of DNB First Wealth Management, has been around his industry’s block and back.

The banking veteran has worked for financial institutions, both large and small, and his experience, despite the competitive nature of his business, enables him to appreciate how there really is room for everyone in the field.

There isn’t much Weber – whose resume includes positions at the former Meridian Bancorp, National City Bank, Comerica, and Fifth Third Bank – hasn’t seen in his line of work. Which is why the pride he has in DNB First Wealth Management makes his bank seem all-the-more remarkable.

“You don’t see a lot of community-oriented banks with a wealth management platform of our caliber,” said Weber. “You talk about credentials. Our staff of 10 has a combined 225 years of experience, almost all of which is in the wealth management space.

“That’s a deep bench.”

What makes DNB First Wealth Management so special, compared to much-larger firms that offer financial guidance, is its customer-service model, or as Weber likes to say, “our client experience.”

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“What jumps off the page is our ability to be responsive and flexible,” said Weber. “We have a 98.6 percent client retention rate over the last five years, well above the industry standard, and it shows through the fact that we’ve averaged double-digit growth in revenue and assets under administration over the last five years.

“We’re very proud of that. We focus on the client experience. It’s something we measure and manage.”

Diana Rarig, a retired human resources manager who lives in Kennett Square, is one of Weber’s scores of satisfied clients.

“John Stoddart (the Chief Investment Officer at DNB First Wealth Management) was my advisor for many years when he was a portfolio manager at First National Bank,” said Rarig. “When he left to go to DNB First, I went with him.

“I always considered him top notch and honest, and I was very impressed that he wanted to go to a community bank. There are so few of them left nowadays. I like how civic-minded DNB First is, how they are quick to provide their sponsorship to a variety of causes.”

If there’s one thing that Rarig’s career in human resources has taught her, it’s the value of relationships and how to treat people. In her mind, DNB First breaks the mold for such.

“My job in human resources was to help people understand things, to communicate well, and get them to be better workers, better citizens,” she said. “And that’s what John and his colleagues do for their clients. They’re very accessible and provide a personal touch that can’t be beat. Behind them are strong ethics and very good knowledge.

“When a bank can provide you with guidance as you proceed in life, through all of the changes you endure, and do it with integrity, that’s a precious thing. You don’t find that often.”

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