Chester County Residents Put Preservation at Forefront for Landscapes3 Plan

Karen Marshall, far right, leads a Town Tour and Village Walk in Historic Sugartown. Image via the Daily Local News.

Chester County residents have responded to a public survey on the Landscapes3 development plan by saying that preservation is a key issue, writes Danielle Lynch for the Daily Local News.

Among the residents ensuring that preservation remains a priority is Karen Marshall, heritage preservation coordinator for Chester County. Along with hundreds of Chester County Historic Preservation Network volunteers, she has lobbied for years on preservation projects throughout the county.

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The heritage network has ballooned over the years out of only a couple of historical preservation committees. Now, 65 out of the 73 municipalities in the county have a historical commission, historical committee, or a Historical and Architectural Review Board.

Marshall and other volunteers also organize the annual Town Tours and Village Walks every summer. This year’s theme is the 240th anniversary of the campaign of 1777.

“The Town Tours and Village Walks help us celebrate the rich and diverse history of Chester County,” said Michelle Kichline, Chair of the Chester County Commissioners.

Read more about Karen Marshall’s preservation efforts in the Daily Local News here.

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