Your Best Year Ever: Double Your Results by Being More Effective

Michael Gidlewski

By Michael Gidlewski

In this “do more with less” age in the new economy, everyone is under siege to improve performance at every level. We are constantly struggling to cope with getting more done in less time, with fewer good people, and ever-tightening margins.

In the expanding global marketplace, sustaining success is becoming increasingly more difficult. Good is no longer good enough and business as usual is no longer an option. In the good old days, we could work hard and outperform our competition just by sheer work and persistence.

The landscape is dramatically changing, though. Competition is coming from new places and today’s leaders face the positive and negative forces of change as never before in the history of business.

The fact is that whatever got you to where you are today is not enough to keep you there and, in fact, may even be detrimental. Whatever you are doing today, you will have to be doing it considerably better and differently a year from now, if you still want to be in business. Never be satisfied with your current level of performance.

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We are all on the escalator of life, going either up or down. We are proactive or reactive, progressing or regressing. We are creating or disintegrating, moving forward or moving backward. The choice is yours.

The dynamics of change are fast and furious. Change is happening so fast these days that it will make your head spin.

That can be exciting and exhilarating or confusing and overwhelming. The daily struggles to cope with this change can be very stressful and overwhelming. Change is compounded by the fact that technology and the Internet – instead of making life simpler – are making things much more complex.

Because change is inevitable, if you cling to old ways of leadership and management, you will not continue to prosper for long.

Unfortunately, people and organizations change slowly, usually with great resistance and often with considerable pain. We, here at Achievement Unlimited, have helped thousands of high achievers make the changes required to be competitive in a challenging global economy.

Information overload can keep us from being our best. Let us help you sort it all out. Because in business, choosing to remain the same exacts too high a price.

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Michael Gidlewski is President of West Chester-based Achievement Unlimited, as well as a growth catalyst and motivational speaker. He works with motivated business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define the elements of what they dearly want their lives to look like, then helps them connect all the moving parts that make up those visions to consistent action and habits. Michael can be reached at 610-793-6609 or via e-mail at

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