TMACC Director Helps Steer Public Policy

In addition to guiding TMACC, Executive Director Tim Phelps is helping steer the future of transportation and its funding through nationwide public policy.

For years, Tim Phelps troubleshot the business issues facing chambers of commerce.

Now, he’s driving to the heart of local transportation issues.

The Executive Director of the Transportation Management Association of Chester County is helping to steer the national conversation about commuter transportation as a member of the Association for Commuter Transportation Public Policy Committee.

And central to that conversation, Phelps said in an ACT introduction, is optimization of transportation demand management (TDM).

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“The challenge I see is elected officials’ lack of understanding of TDM and the benefits it brings to businesses and communities; TDM is a resource toolbox, not a mold,” he said.

And its implementation lacks an orchestrated strategy.

“As we build policy, whether it’s tax or transportation investment, we need to have vision, flexibility, and incentive, not issue mandates,” he said. “Any funding stream should be sustainable with accountabilities but not rely on another measure to trigger of payment.”

Read more about Tim Phelps’s role at TMACC and on the ACT Public Policy Committee here.

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