Trump Nominates Local Leader to Help Lead Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Robert Powelson, former CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry and the nation’s top utility commissioner, is one of Donald Trump’s picks for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Image via the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Associated Press.

He has not only led the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry but the country’s National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners as well.

Now, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissioner Robert Powelson has been nominated by President Donald Trump to help lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, according to a report in The Washington Post by Matthew Daly.

If approved by the Senate, Powelson offers a “national regulatory vantage point that will be useful,” said Electric Reliability Coordinating Council Director Scott Segal.

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He’s one of two Republicans nominated to serve on the FERC, which has existed without a quorum of members since February.

“These two highly qualified candidates will provide the needed quorum at the agency and ensure Republican leadership so that FERC can issue final orders dealing with natural gas pipeline projects, electricity rate plans, and approve other energy infrastructure projects in a timely manner,” said Sen. Jim Inhofe.

Read more about Powelson’s nomination in The Washington Post here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the man here.

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