West Chester Woman’s Science Behind Weight Loss a YouTube Hit


A YouTube star was born when West Chester engineer Christine Hronec applied her master’s-degree smarts to losing weight according to science. Image via Gauge Girl Training.

Only when West Chester’s Christine Hronec applied her master’s degree in chemical and biological engineering to her struggles with weight loss did the pounds finally come off.

And now, Hronec’s Gauge Girl Training teaches a wildly growing YouTube audience how to match food and science to their unique bodies.

“You can eat 1,500 calories per day and not lose weight if those calories aren’t packed with the right proteins and carbs,” Hronec said in a Main Line Today report by Melissa Jacobs. “What works is when people use science to guide their choices, and build programs that suit their goals.”

That’s precisely what she’s done with Gauge Girl Training, which has grown 3,000 percent in the last four years, and Muscle Gauge Nutrition, which brings in $3 million a year.

Read more of the story behind Gauge Girl Training and Hronec’s upcoming book and app in Main Line Today here.

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