Thankfulness Is Mushrooming in Kennett Square

Image via Roberta Little.

From an artist’s imagination to the hands of children to downtown Kennett Square and now all across the Internet, visual expressions of thankfulness are mushrooming into a viral movement.

What began as artist Roberta Little’s once-a-day Thank You Project just witnessed its official public debut about two weeks ago with more than 50 local businesses and organizations contributing a thank-you photo to the online campaign, according to a Chester County Press report by John Chambless.

“I enlisted my grandchildren and their friends to help create a video or slideshow of ‘thank you’ photographs,” Little said. “The excitement and teamwork drove this project to creative levels beyond expectations.

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“Kids arranged socks, shoes, sugar, wrote in the snow, on a napkin, arranged paper cups, yarn, pretzels. When the finished product was presented at the end of our stay, smiles, laughter abounded. We shared a lasting memory with deeper meaning for each of us.”

And in that same spirit, Little and Mala Galleria owner Stella Scott are hoping many more people can experience similarly meaningful memories through a simple display of thankfulness.

“We are encouraging everyone to participate in Thank You Project Kennett Square,” Little wrote. “It is simple, costs nothing, and your expression of gratitude will be posted publicly! Let’s prove gratitude mushrooms in our community.”

Reach more about the Thank You Project in the Chester County Press here.

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