Noted Chester County Author Releases First Work of Fiction


First Date Homicides is a murder mystery and the first work of fiction from noted Chester County author Bruce Mowday.

Chester County publisher Squire Cheyney Books has released First Date Homicides, a murder mystery based on facts relating to the Christian genocide and terrorism that is sweeping the globe.

In the book, the central crimes in Chester County and the Philadelphia area and the characters are fictitious, even though some of the characters have traits of real people. The information about the terrorism and the Christian genocide are real and background crimes used in the book did take place.

“My other books are non-fiction and this book began as one,” author Bruce Mowday said. “To try to develop a balanced view of world events, I read many different Internet news sites from across the world. I noticed that many acts of terrorism and genocide were taking place in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia that were never reported in the United States. I took notes and read government reports and realized the story had to be told.”

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First Date Homicides is available in selected bookstores throughout the region, including Chester County Book Outlet. A wider distribution will take place in the coming weeks.

The cost of the book is $19.95 and signed copies can be obtained from the author by contacting him at

“Sadly, the subject of the book remains on the front pages of today’s newspapers,” Mowday said. “During the Easter holidays, Christians were targeted and killed in Egypt, France, and other countries. One of the readers of an advanced copy said the book is ‘very scary since it’s based on fact … and really gripping.’ Another reader said the book kept them up at night.”

Click here for information on all of Mowday’s books and his upcoming speaking engagements.

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