Despite Lack of Fashion, Dansko Clogs Draw a Following


Nobody seems to care that Dansko clogs are unattractive when the Danish-inspired shoes distributed from West Grove are supremely comfortable. And from suburban Philadelphia to New York City, that fact is catching on.

“It was unsurprising to see so many pairs shuffling along Fifth Avenue at January’s Women’s March on Washington in New York City,” wrote Alice Gregory in her feature for The New York Times magazine.

After stumbling upon a predecessor pair in Denmark while selling horses, founders Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot began importing and selling clogs at horse shows, until they started Dansko in 1990.

Now the employee-owned operation that staffs 155 has become a hallmark for health and sustainability in the industry.

“Dansko clogs are bought and sold on the premise that there is no more comfortable shoe, especially for people who spend a large part of the day on their feet,” the article stated. “At a time when every article of clothing seems to communicate information about the wearer’s class, status, and personal taste, Dansko clogs are reassuringly neutral.”

Read more of the Dansko story from longtime wearer Alice Gregory in The New York Times magazine here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the Chester County company here.

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