New York Times: West Chester’s Schramm Fears Backlash from Immigration Order


1.26.2014 SchrammDonald Trump’s anti-terrorism crackdown on immigration is pinching business close to home.

The President’s executive order limiting travel to and from terrorist-harboring nations is concerning global companies like Schramm, the West Chester-based oil-rig manufacturer.

“My concern is retaliation, and that is just going to open things up for competitors like the Chinese,” Vice President for Portfolio and Strategic Development Michael Dynan said in a report in The New York Times by Christopher Drew and Clifford Krauss.

“What I am scared of is there could be a backlash in other Muslim countries or, in general, against America. We’ve always opened our borders and been the leader in trade and exports. It’s our brand.”

Schramm has clients in Oman and Kuwait, its workers go in and out of Iraq, and the local company has interest in doing business in Iran, the article explained.

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