Exton’s Analytical Graphics, Bentley Systems Set the Standard for a Virtual Globe

Mark Hostutler
The Cesium Consortium team.

CesiumConsortium_4colorThere’s a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the world around us, and a pair of Exton pioneers are helping translate our surroundings into a high-powered, highly accurate digital model.

Analytical Graphics (AGI) and Bentley Systems are the new co-founders of an open-source, browser-based virtual globe called the Cesium Consortium, according to a report in The American Surveyor.

“We are thrilled to join the Cesium Consortium as a founding member,” Bentley Systems Founder and CTO Keith Bentley said. “I commend AGI for their leadership and vision, not only for creating an open-source solution for highly performant 3D web-based applications but, more importantly, for fostering an ecosystem to leverage it.

“We look forward to working hand in hand with AGI and future members of the consortium to expand Cesium as an open standard.”

Bentley Systems has already enabled its MicroStation, ContextCapture, and BIM applications to export 3D tiles for Cesium in order to “visualize and interact with highly detailed infrastructure engineering models set in the reality context of their surrounding environment,” the article explained.

Read more about the Cesium Consortium between AGI and Bentley Systems in The American Surveyor here.